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Turbo Deluxe Dual Swing-O-Saurus (34A)

Turbo Deluxe Dual Swing-O-Saurus (34A)

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  • 3-position swing beam
  • 3 belt swings
  • Accessory arm with trapeze bar
  • Wood roof
  • 2 rock walls with rope
  • Upper-level enclosure
  • Step ladder with handrails
  • Heavy-duty canopy roof
  • Step/chain ladder with handrails
  • 360° tire swing
  • Grip-n-go bar
  • Rope ladder
  • Binoculars
  • Safety handles
  • 2 turbo super ride slides

Footprint: L 35' x W 18'
Overall Height: 12.5'
Deck Sizes: 5' x 5'
Deck Height: 5' 6"
Slide Lengths: 11'
Swingbeam Height: 8.5'
Construction: Pacific Cedar

100% All Natural Premium Cedar (Splinters less than pine and North American timber.)
Only solid timber for unmatched structural integrity
.  (We never use glued timbers.)
Larger 4x6 Timbers (Bigger beams can hold more moms and dads!)
Vinyl Dipped Safety Swing Chains
 (Protects fingers from pinching and insulates against extreme temperature.)
Rust Proofed Hardware
 (Dupont Dacromet® and Galvanized are the best.)


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